Ways to Increase Body Immunity

Ways to Increase Body Immunity

The immune system or immune system has an urgent role in guarding health. Body immunity must be maintained properly so that it is not easily attacked by disease.

There are many ways that can be done to increase body immunity. Including realizing a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, to taking supplements so that the immune system remains excellent.

Applying a Healthy Lifestyle

So that the body's immunity can work optimally so that the body is not easily attacked by the disease, it is urgent to realize a healthy lifestyle. The following are a number of steps that can be taken to guard and increase body immunity:

    Expand to eat vegetables and fruit

    To guard and increase body immunity, you are encouraged to double the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Research shows that people who do not consume the two types of food a little, don't want to get sick easily. This is because vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables and fruit can strengthen the body's immune system against viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

    Enough rest

    Lack of rest can reduce body immunity. It is important to make ends meet enough for your age. Generally, adults need a rest period of around 7-8 hours, and adolescents need a break of around 9-10 hours.

    Avoid stress

    Uncontrolled stress can increase the artificial hormone cortisol. In the long term, the addition of the hormone cortisol can cause a decrease in immune benefits. You need to manage stress well in order to avoid a decrease in immune benefits.

    Exercise regularly

    It is recommended to routinely exercise about 30 minutes each day, to increase the body's immune system to fight infection. One inexpensive and easy exercise to do is walk.
    Avoid cigars and alcohol

    Excessive exposure to cigar smoke and alcohol can damage the immune system. Smokers have a high risk for lung infections, like bronchitis and pneumonia. While for cigarette smokers who are also alcoholics, the risk of exposure to lung infections will be even greater.

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