Leaky Kidney Symptoms

Leaky Kidney Symptoms

Leaking kidneys do not always cause any signs or phenomena. Some sufferers even realize that they feel the kidneys are leaking after undergoing blood tests, urine tests, and kidney benefit tests. But, there are a number of signs that can show you have a leaky kidney, namely:
  • The urine released is foamy or foamy.
  • Swelling appears on the elements of the body, like feet, hands, stomach, and face.
  • Easily tired.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Having sleep problems or insomnia.
  • The skin becomes itchy and dry.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Electrolyte disorders.
If you feel these symptoms, immediately check the doctor to understand the exact cause.
How do kidneys leak?

Treatment of leaky kidneys often depends on the cause of the situation. Some medicines may be prescribed by the doctor to help reduce symptoms, and counteract the emergence of complications. These drugs include:

    Blood pressure medication

    This type of drug is useful for controlling blood pressure in the glomeruli and decreasing the amount of protein in your urine, which summarizes the drug group ACE inhibitors and ARBs (Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers).

    Diuretic drug

    Diuretic drugs are useful for minimizing swelling in the body elements of the leaking kidney. Diuretic drugs are classified as furosemide, spironolactone, and thiazide.
    Immune suppressant drugs

    This type of drug is useful for reducing the abnormal response of the immune system and minimizing inflammation, for example the corticosteroid group drug.

    Special diet

    In addition to using drugs, leaky kidney patients are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle and undergo a special diet, like avoiding fatty foods, minimizing consumption of foods that contain high protein, and a salt diet.

Do not hesitate to consult a kidney doctor if you suffer from certain diseases that can increase the risk of feeling a leaky kidney. By understanding early on the causes of leaking kidneys, you can prevent more serious kidney damage.

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