Apparently throwing out an expired drug is a rule

Apparently throwing out an expired drug is a rule

In order not to be misused by irresponsible people, throwing drugs that have expired has rules. So, from now on, avoid throwing drugs at random.

Whatever type of medicine, if it has been through the expiration period, try to get rid of the drug or discarded immediately. The composition of the drug expires can change and potentially endanger health if consumed.
Return the Expired Drug to the Pharmacy

Expired drugs that are thrown away at garbage sites, toilets, or water drainage can endanger different people and the environment. Besides perhaps being used by different people with bad destinations, even expired drugs thrown into the toilet can be finished with a water drainage system to endanger the environment.

Even in studies reciting that certain expired drugs are at risk of becoming the site of bacterial development. Antibiotics that have passed the validity period can fail to treat the infection, and can lead to more serious diseases and antibiotic resistance.

Therefore, one of the safe techniques for throwing out expired drugs is that it is recommended to bring expired drugs to the nearest pharmacy to be destroyed or thrown safely according to the formality of the local health institution.

The Right Way to Throw Alone Expired Medication by Yourself

If indeed you want to dispose of your own drug that has expired, there are a number of things that you need to see in obeying the rules, including:
  • Read the drug label first and if there are special instructions for seclusion attached, then follow the instructions.
  • Separate drugs that have expired from packaging or medicinal plastic.
  • Do not destroy tablets or capsules, but mix drugs expire with soil, cat feces, coffee grounds or different substances that absorb drugs.
  • Place the medicine you want to throw in a sealed plastic bag to ward off small children, pets or other people digging out of your trash.
  • Dispose of the drug in the trash location.
  • If you throw a medication prescribed by your doctor, cross out all the information contained in the bottle label or medicine plastic.
  • Erase information from prescription drug labels to help maintain privacy and protect information about your individual health.
If your individual medication has a long expiration time, store it well in a location that is cold, dark, not damp, and away from the coverage of small children. Drugs that are exposed to heat and light can reduce their efficacy in fighting disease.

After knowing the various information about the exact technique of throwing drugs expired, from now on you have to follow the instructions if you find an expired drug at home. It is very important to be careful if you want to dispose of expired drugs so that they are not misused and endanger different people and the environment.

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