Tips for Meeting Water Needs Every Day

Tips for Meeting Water Needs Every Day

There are a number of tips that can be implemented to obtain the drinking water as described above, namely:
  • Try to cultivate drinking water every meal time or when eating snacks.
  • Provide a glass or bottle containing drinking water at a table or bag that we carry during activities every day. Thus, we will remember to consume it.
  • You can add flavor to the water to make it taste better. One of them is by adding fruit slices like in an infused water drink.
There are a number of provisions for proper and safe drinking water consumed according to information from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, namely water that has no taste, odor or color, does not contain bacteria, and does not contain chemicals that exceed the permitted limits.

Do not also have time to convince drinking water to be consumed and fill health standards, to avoid the disease of the impact of drinking contaminated water. Get it to drink water for health by consuming water regularly every day, and complete it with a healthy lifestyle.

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