Tips for Overcoming Tail Pain Before Seeing a Doctor

Tips for Overcoming Tail Pain Before Seeing a Doctor

The causes of tailbone pain vary. In general, sitting in a location that has a hard surface in long periods of time is the cause of a lot of people experiencing pain in the coccyx. However, it can also be caused by serious injury. For example, has a fall or a tail fracture.

Compared to men, women are five times more prone to exposure to this disorder. In addition to the causes that have been pronounced above, even women may experience it while in their final trimester. Naturally, the ligament near the tail bone stretches to give the baby a way out, resulting in a painful tailbone.
Treatment of Tailbone Pain

Actually the pain of the coccyx can disappear by itself in a number of weeks or months. But around still sick, you can feel it when you urinate, have sex, sit down, process positions from sitting to standing, or standing for long periods of time.

For the pain of the tailbone to subside quickly, there are a number of treatment steps you can take:

    Muscle massage

    You can massage the muscles that attach to the coccyx gently, to help ease the pain of the coccyx.


    Physiotherapy or physical therapy, carried out by doing physical exercises with special tips to minimize complaints. For example, by working on basic relaxation techniques on the pelvis to make it easier when urinating or large.

    Take medication

    The doctor will probably submit treatment, to minimize pain in the coccyx. Such as anti-pain medication, antidepressant drugs, or giving local anesthetic injections to the coccyx to minimize pain for a number of weeks.

Before the treatment above, you are advised to consult a doctor first to get information and referrals for orthopedic specialists. In certain problems, the operation is also the last stage known as coccygectomy. This choice is often only recommended when all different treatments fail or are no longer sufficient.
How to Relieve Tailbone Pain

If you haven't found a specialist who can help with the treatment, there are a number of ways that can help relieve a coccyx pain:

    Avoid sitting long

    Avoid sitting too long and try to stand or take place every number of hours we sit. This is especially recommended for those of you who work as office workers. In addition, we are also encouraged to replace the sitting position by leaning forward so that we can relieve the pain of the tailbone that we are experiencing

    Use a special pillow

    You can choose special pillows to sit. The goal is to minimize pressure on the coccyx or spine. This pillow design has been created in such a way with the back element given a gap to adjust the needs of patients with coccyx pain.

    Take painkillers

    To minimize the pain of the coccyx, you can take pain relievers that are useful to help minimize inflammation and pain. Read the rules of use thoroughly on the packaging label and should not be consumed more than the prescribed dose. To be safer, consult your doctor first.

There are many ways that can be implemented to cope with coccyx pain. If the coccyx pain does not decrease or last up to six months or more, try to consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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